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[Other] Love Story? Just post

Hello guys, sorry for long long time “hiatus”. So busy at school.
Ok..I just wanna share my thoughts. Happy reading and please give feedback 🙂

When we meet…just lookin’ into your eyes and smiling each other It feels like the time stop for while, heart beating so fast, butterflies are flying happily unstopable
But, when we are apart…sorrow is the only I felt. Missing you so much? Of course! Imagine being with you and standing closer to you are the things that I could do
Feel jealous? We do…but, It makes us stronger, believing each other and try to understand the situation

All I could say…no matter where we are, how far we are apart, in what situation we’ll be, and how condition we are
Keep loving and trusting each other! Just keep our promise and standing side by side is more than enough 🙂
Let’s growing older together…till the end 🙂

Dedicated to someone who has completed me “Prince G”
My moon, my panda, my partner, my beloved drummer, and part of me