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Love is like pieces of puzzle


[VIDEO] EXO – WOLF Drama Ver.

Annyeong~~~ ^^

Jjan jjan jjan!!! Akhirnya video EXO – Wolf versi drama dirilis juga pada 15.07.2013 sekitar 1 jam yang lalu, berarti pukul 6.21 WIB *kalo nggak salah*.

EXOTIC,EXOSTAN, atau hanya sekedar fans EXO, selamat! Akhirnya penantian panjang kalian terjawab walaupun, masih “to be continued” yang bikin penasaran kelanjutan dari ceritanya. Terimakasih SMEnt, yang akhirnya telah berbaik hati untuk merilis video Wolf Draa Version.

Menurut author, videonya keren dan tentunya EXO member gak kalah keren.

Menurut readers sekalian, videonya gimana? Keren? Atau biasa aja?

Bagaimana penampilan bias kalian dalam video tersebut?

Oh ya, bagi readers yang ingin nonton lagi atau sama sekali belum nonton videonya silahkan klik video di bawah ini :

EXO – WOLF Drama Version (Korean Ver. )


EXO – WOLF Drama Version (Chinese Ver.)


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[Music Video] APink – No No No

Hello guys!! 🙂
Yeyey!!! I’m so happy, finally APink made comeback with their new mini album “Secret Garden”.
I like their new songs especially, “Lovely Day” and “No No No”. So cute and sweet performance.
I hope their comeback will increased their popularity more!! ^_^

APink (에이핑크) Mini Album [Secret Garden]

Release Date: 2013.07.05
Tracklists :
01. No No No. –> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Ll9p1Ab8Yw#action=share

02. Lovely Day. –> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HiFgMxez2J4#action=share

03. U You. –> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sRIbMRVymyo#action=share

04. I Need You. –> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kgdsg5jV1qo#action=share

05. Secret Garden –> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hdaXBE7LIpI#action=share

06. No No No (Inst.)


Happy listening to APink’s new songs 🙂 see you…


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[Fanfiction] Diary : “When The Butterflies Came Arround”

Someday in August 2012


There’s something that I couldn’t ever tell to someone, you know what? can you guess It? 😀
Ok..I won’t make you to think so hard! That thing is when the butterflies came to fulfill my stomach, when I looked in to his eyes even It from far distance.
Actually, I also felt shy to tell you,diary. However, I know that you wouldn’t give me respond hehehe :D.
Back to my story…you know? I always look into his eyes deeply when I’m talking with him, even he (maybe) didn”t know or realized It. But, I’m happy that he didn’t notice It, so we can always talk comfortably hihihi :D. Guys, you can imagine right? What will happen if he noticed It? He will call me a strange person,weird person, and worst thing that can happened is he will directly know that I love him. It’s good if our relationship keep the same as before or more >,< but, how If he keep away from me then disappeared?  I don’t know what will happened then in the future? I’m still hoping him for being mine till the end of time. Now, I still being very close friend with him and we have plan to grow together in the future ,we just plan and keep effort on It but, Allah, The Almighty knows what the best for us, I hope Allah will make us one in the end 🙂 amin..

And this is the main content of this diary …

When the butterflies came around,  my mind will fly away , running away and don’t know when will It back.

When the butterflies came around, I would become silent in sudden, and become stutter when I try to talk again.

When the butterflies came around, you are the only one that I could think about.

When the butterflies came around, my heart was beating very fast and I couldn’t breath properly.

When the butterflies came around, my body will froze and doesn’t even work, no matter how hard I try to.

When the butterflies came around, the words that I will always say is “I love you”

When the butterflies came around, I feel to run away from your sight but, I want you to stay with me.

When the butterflies came around…that’s the proof that I still love you sincerely, without forced 🙂


사랑해….정말!!! 🙂

I love you….really!!! 🙂

|Thanks guys for reading my posts 🙂 keep waiting and look forward for my other post ^_^ , sorry for my mistakes,my bad english, I’m still studying to write correctly in english| I hope this story will amuse you, lighters|

See ya..bye..I will miss you readers,lighters, ^_^

[ART] Panda(?)

Hello guys! I’m back with my new creation. Actually It’s my task (again).
Maybe It isn’t good enough but, I just like It and wanna share It ^^ Hope you like It.
Maybe you will burst in LAUGH after saw It

Check It out….


Hihihi…awkward Panda,right? ^_^

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[INFO] Personal Contact

Hello everybody.
Attention please….just for a while

If you don’t mind or you want to know more about “Who Am I?” you can find me on :

Facebook : Tamara Maulidya
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So simple right?
I think enough for the information. See you on my personal accoint guys ^_^

[ART] Ornamentik from Toraja

It’s been long time not open this site.
So sorry..
Too busy to open this.
I’m back with my drawing again. But, now I didn’t make doodle but, an “ornamentik” from Toraja,South Sulawes,Indonesia.
Simple but interesting ormentik.
One of the culture richness from Indonesia,my country. So proud can make It and introduce to you! ^^
Actually this is my task for Culture lesson ^^


Ok guys…See ya soon.
Sorry for the mistakes I made when I wrote this article in my blog ^_^
Terimakasih…감사합니다…Thanks…Danke…Xiexie…Arigato ^^