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[ART] YUI from Angel Beats anime

Hi! After the very very long time..I get back and give you a little surprise. This is my 2nd manga (Yui from anime Angel Beats)
The rrason I draw her because, she’s my favorite character in Angel Beats, almost like myself (joyful,active,and talkative) and “Yuis”‘s name reminded me of someone I love,
I hope my artwork gets so much better than before. I’m still beginner and in process to draw better. So, please give comment 🙂 thanks~




I took 5 days to finish It, I didn’t do It everyday because I had so much school activity and homework to do 😦

Ok see you next time
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[Doodle] iPhone Cream “@Ryuniaa”

Hello guys, It’s been so long since the last time I shared my doodle.Finally I finished this 1st doodle request.
Not open comission yet, I’m still beginner in doodling
Hope you guys like It. Leave comment please~ Your feedbacks mean a lot to me 🙂

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